‘The Bluesman’ Streaming in 27 Countries

Not satisfied with limiting distribution of his debut album, which is also available as a physical CD, to the United States, Shorty put “The Bluesman” in streaming service marketplaces across the globe, and the international response suggests blues fans the world over had been waiting for a new, authentic blues sound that still captured the warmth of the genre’s rich history.

VIDEO: WCOM-LP FM Interview with Marc ‘The Bluesman’ Lee

CARRBORO, N.C. — J Shorty “The Bluesman” Smith was in good company during a December visit to Orange County, N.C., not far from the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. https://youtu.be/8-P2I-4-2tk Smith was the Dec. 19 guest of fellow Bluesman Marc Lee on his weekly radio show “The Juke Joint” on […]

Shorty Performs in Kinston

This fan-submitted video of J Shorty Smith’s opening performance at a community event in Kinston on Nov. 20 shows the Bluesman’s ability to create winsome music in any venue. Thanks for this fan-submitted video of Shorty kicking off a #Kinston community event this week with a bluesy patriotic rendition of 🇺🇸 Key’s classic. Check out […]